Startupfest: Unlocked

A chance to regroup, reconnect, and plot the future of startups together.

Startupfest has pitches, content, and networking. But it’s the annual reunion of familiar faces and new friends, at an iconic location in Montreal, that keeps it top of mind with startups in Canada and beyond.

We’ll follow the science. If, as projections suggest, we’re able to gather in public during the summer, we’ll celebrate the end of lockdowns with the biggest party the Canadian startup ecosystem has ever seen. It’s a chance to take stock of the sweeping societal changes that have transformed us all, and chart a course ahead for technology, the economy, and innovation.

We can’t tell you where it’ll be, but if past events—from an island, to the Eiffel tower, to rooftop nights, to basement parties—are any indicator, it’ll be one to remember.