Katherine Homuth

Founder & CEO

Katherine is the CEO of Sheertex, inventors of impossibly resilient tights made using some of the strongest polymers in the world. Prior to Sheertex Katherine founded, led, and sold two businesses. ShopLocket, a pre-order platform for hardware, sold to PCH International in 2014. Female Funders, an online education program for female investors, acquired in 2017 by Highline Beta. She is the author of O’Reilly Media’s Funded, An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Raising Your First Round, winner of Canada’s Governor General Award for Innovation, was named one of Forbes Top 30 Under 30, Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, One of the Women to Watch in Wearables, One of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women and One of Flare’s Sixty Under 30.

Mentor expertise: Fundraising, Scaling, Founding


Speed Circles

13/07/2022 13.25 - 14.25

AuditoriumAuditoriumNetworking Activation

Pairs of founders meet a mentor one-on-two, connect, pitch, and get feedback—fast. Then we rotate the founders so you never have the same conversation twice.

Mentor Meetups

14/07/2022 15.00 - 16.00

AuditoriumAuditoriumNetworking Activation

Small huddles with subject matter experts tackle common startup challenges, from culture and fundraising to product and pitching. Join our amazing mentors and get the help you need on the problems you’re facing!

Mentor Meetups are open to all startups – Mentors will be seated at tables throughout the auditorium, tables will be themed. Whatever you need help with, Mentors are there...

Hive mind

15/07/2022 14.30 - 15.10

AuditoriumAuditoriumInteractive session

We crowdsource questions, upvote the best ones, and display stream-of-consciousness solutions our mentors can riff on from the stage.