Jenny Fielding

Managing Partner
The Fund

Jenny Fielding spent the last 7.5 years as the Managing Director at Techstars NYC where she sourced, coached and invested in hundreds of early stage startups including a few that have achieved unicorn status. In 2018 she founded The Fund, a unique community of founders and operators who support the next generations of local entrepreneurs. The Fund is now one of the most active pre-seed investors with $20M AUM across 180 investments. Previously, Jenny headed up Corporate Venture and Innovation at BBC Worldwide where she made strategic investments and led internal incubation projects. Jenny was an early founder in the mobile space where she built apps in VoIP and mobile marketing. She began her career as a lawyer, spent time in banking at JP Morgan and is a graduate of Columbia University and the Kauffman Fellowship.

Mentor expertise: Fundraising, Go to market, Scaling internationally


Speed Circles

13/07/2022 13.25 - 14.25

AuditoriumAuditoriumNetworking Activation

Pairs of founders meet a mentor one-on-two, connect, pitch, and get feedback—fast. Then we rotate the founders so you never have the same conversation twice.

Investor AMA

14/07/2022 16.00 - 16.40

AuditoriumAuditoriumAsk Me Anything

How do investors think? It’s not obvious to many startups, but investors have their own goals, challenges, and customers. They need to deliver solid results to Limited Partners. They need to comply with regulations. They may be constrained to a particular company size or industry vertical. You wouldn’t try to sell something without understanding your prospect—yet many startups looking...