Behind the curtain: Team, culture & leadership

15/07/2022 15.55 - 16.00


What goes on behind the closed doors of a partner meeting? Why didn’t that investor back your round? Investor and Limited Partner thinking is often cloaked in secrecy—after all, nobody wants to be the one to say no to the next great Unicorn. So this year we’re taking you behind the scenes to show you how investors think. From product and tech, to culture, to finance and more, we take you behind the scenes for five-minute glimpses into how investment decisions are made.

Why this team?
If you have a good startup idea, you’re seldom alone. There are other companies racing to be first, or best, to market. So the last question is: Why this team? All else being equal, what is it about this organization that can share a compelling vision, attract the best talent, and ride the inevitable rollercoaster of startup growth?

A seasoned team may have better contacts, and hit the ground running. On the other hand, a first-time founder may have a fresh approach or more modern knowledge that gives them the upper hand. Some founders may have full-stack skills, able to turn out features at breakneck pace, but be unable to work alongside other, less technical employees. Others may be visionaries unwilling to devote themselves to paperwork and process.

Mia Morisset
VP - Growth EquityInovia Capital