Behind the curtain: Sales & marketing

15/07/2022 14.00 - 14.05


What goes on behind the closed doors of a partner meeting? Why didn’t that investor back your round? Investor and Limited Partner thinking is often cloaked in secrecy—after all, nobody wants to be the one to say no to the next great Unicorn. So this year we’re taking you behind the scenes to show you how investors think. From product and tech, to culture, to finance and more, we take you behind the scenes for five-minute glimpses into how investment decisions are made.

How, and to whom, do you market?
If a business doesn’t deliver a return on investment, it’s not a business—it’s a hobby. Whether the company makes money from transactions, advertising, subscriptions, or another form of revenue, it needs a way to reach prospects and convert them to customers. This is sometimes referred to as front-office activities.

So the second question is answered by the sales and go-to-market strategy: How does the company sell, and to whom? This is about capturing attention, charging the right price, and making sure the business model is viable. It’s also about demonstrating an understanding of the target customer, their needs, pains, and existing solutions.

Kim Yeung
PartnerWomen in Technology Venture Fund, BDC