ScaleupFest 2021

Three mornings of critical knowledge for aspiring growth-stage executives, with access to leading startup investors and partners.

The first big Startupfest event this year is ScaleupFest, a stand-alone virtual conference aimed at established startups looking to raise their first serious round. Each day includes a deep-dive workshop on a vital aspect of startup growth—product and marketing, funding and finance, and hiring for growth—followed by a candid conversation with founders who’ve crossed the Series A chasm and industry experts; a curated round-table discussion; and open networking between founders, funders, and ecosystem players. If you’re ready to fuel your growth-stage startup, ScaleupFest is exactly the tight, focused content you need.

Who should attend? ScaleupFest is tailored to growing startups who’ve completed an accelerator or closed an angel round, but need to get to product-market fit and close an initial round of institutional investment.


From April 12-14, here’s what to expect at ScaleupFest:

10:00 AMWelcome
10:10 AMDeep diving workshop on the day’s theme
11:10 AMFireside Chat with founders that have crossed the Series A chasm
11:30 AMNetworking & curated round-table discussions
12:10 AMClosing remarks
All session times are listed in the Eastern Time Zone (EST) UTC -5.


Click the boxes below for details on each day’s theme:

A startup exists to do something differently. Your product, and how you position it, is the foundation for the entire organization. Startup product management is tough: At the outset, you’re building a product to figure out what to build, through a series of small, fast experiments. Pretty soon, you find clues that lead you to product-market fit—and you have to make hard decisions. It’s been said that good product managers know what to build, but great product managers know what not to build.

Leading this workshop is Lenny Rachitsky, one of the world’s leading experts on startup product management. In the last year, his newsletter has grown to over 50,000 subscribers, and is one of the most widely-cited resources on growth and product leadership. It’s been called “The best writing on … marketplaces and product management on the Internet”, “Indispensable”, “amazing, awesome, and ridiculously insightful.”

Drawing on years of experience building his own startup, and leading supply-side growth at AirBnB, Lenny packs his paid newsletter with insights from pretty much everyone in tech. He rarely teaches workshops—in fact, he’s just launched his first paid product management course, turning away hundreds of applicants. But he’s making an exception to share his wisdom with the ScaleupFest community. Truly a session not to be missed.

Once you’ve found the right product and market, it’s time to raise serious money. Maybe you’ve got some angel capital in the bank, or a cash infusion from an accelerator program. But if you’re going to grow, you need fuel. And nobody knows more about fueling your rocketship than Jonathan Lowenhar and Leslie Fine. They’re principals at Enjoy The Work, a consultancy that helps startups grow and raise money. In 2019 alone, they were part of over fifty successful fundraising efforts.

They work with growth-stage founders from around the world, preparing them for the marathon of fundraising and the tough questions of due diligence. For day two of ScaleupFest, they’ll reveal some of the secrets and wisdom they’ve gleaned helping companies grow, in a no-holds-barred workshop on fundraising and startup finance.

The right product, and funding in the bank, means nothing if you don’t have the team in place to execute on that vision. And the talent that got you here—with an emphasis on experimentation and exploration—may not be the same as the team that can drive your growth. So we’ve invited Niya Dragova, founder of Candor, to shine a light on the often-secretive negotiations of hiring a superb team.

Armed with insights from helping hundreds of full-stack tech professionals secure their best offers at their dream jobs, Niya will reveal what the best candidates are after, and how to compete with the biggest firms to build the perfect team.


Niya Dragova | CEO, Candor

Lenny Rachitsky | Author,

Jonathan Lowenhar | Founder & Managing Partner, ETW Advisors

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