The $1 Million Investment Prize

Pitch contests are a lie. They’re more like standup comedy than business growth. For founders, the real work begins when you leave the stage—and start the due diligence process.

This year, a dream team of investors and experts come together to find the next great Canadian startup. Instead of a shallow pitch contest, this is a real due-diligence process where funders look deep into a dozen aspiring startups, unfolding before the eyes of a global audience. The last startup standing will receive an investment prize of up to $1 M.

We’re pulling back the curtain to show what happens behind the scenes. A hand-picked team of due diligence experts will put some of Canada’s most promising early-stage companies through a rigorous process to find the next great Canadian startup. Go behind the scenes to learn first-hand what it takes to secure company-making funding.

The $1 Million Investment Prize launches March 2021. More details coming soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when the prize opens!