Anne-Marie Bourgeois

Vice-Présidente Investissements
EnerTech Capital

Anne-Marie has 10 years of operational and business development background, and 10 years of investment experience. Her specific areas of interest include technologies leading to more efficient use of resources (Cleantech) including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, energy and water technologies such as solar, energy storage, waste to energy and microgrids.
Anne-Marie is passionate about investing and entrepreneurship. She is recognized for her proactive involvement with entrepreneurs, investors, and C-level executives from large corporations/ potential acquirers. She is widely known for her prodigious worldwide Rolodex.
Anne-Marie is results-driven and is known to go the extra mile to find solutions. She believes strong work ethics, perseverance, grit and discipline are key to success. She has strong leadership and interpersonal skills. She is fluent in French, English, Spanish, Germany, and Portuguese.
As Vice President, Investments with EnerTech Capital, Anne-Marie serves as a member of the venture deal team. She is responsible for sourcing proprietary deal flow, vetting deals and managing investments, including Distech Controls (exited in 2015), Power Survey International (board observer), and Sofdesk Inc. (board observer). She also contributes to building relationships with co-investors prospective Limited Partners (LPs) locally and on a global basis.
Prior to EnerTech, Anne-Marie worked as a Regional Director for SDTC (Cleantech fund), and as an Executive in Residence specialized in sales and business development with SIDD.
She received a Master’s degree in Public Administration and International Management from Université du Québec Enap, a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Geology, and a Bachelor of Social Science with joint Honors in Political Science and Public Administration from University of Ottawa.


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