Find your Five Fresh Faces!

For the past few months, we’ve been building an advanced “circular matching” algorithm. Based on your Startupfest goals and the profile you’ve shared, we’ll suggest five people we think you absolutely must meet onsite. Meanwhile, five others will be clamoring to meet you!

We’ve created a huge message wall on which you can stick post-it messages for them introducing yourself and setting up meetings. And of course, you’ll want to check your own space on the wall for messages of your own.

Are you up for a challenge?

Tracking down all of your Five Fresh Faces won’t be easy. But some of you might accomplish this lofty goal. If you do, take a picture of each badge on your phone, making sure the name on each badge is visible.

Once you’ve found all five of your matches and gathered photos as proof, find Olivia—the product manager who built the matchmaking tool— at the Connection Desk or around the venue. Show her your proof and your match card, and we’ll give you free swag!

This is what Olivia looks like!

Here’s how to participate:

1. Find your cubby number. This is a letter and number printed on the bottom right corner of your badge. It corresponds with a specific space on the Five Fresh Faces message board.

2. Go to the connection desk. This is your go-to place for any questions about matchmaking and other interactions.

3. Introduce yourself to our Connection Concierges. Give them your cubby number, and they’ll give you your Five Fresh Faces match card and five sticky notes. Here’s what it looks like:

4. Take a picture of your match card. Do this right away. It’s the best way to have your contacts handy, and we won’t be giving out spare copies.

5. Learn about your connections. Most matches have included their LinkedIn and Twitter, so you can learn about their role, organization, and other background information before you meet them.

6. Go to the Five Fresh Faces message wall. Check your cubby number for messages others have already left you.

7. Find your matches’ cubbies. Write messages on your sticky notes to each of your Five Fresh Faces and stick it on their cubby number.

  • Be sure to include your name and cubby number in your message.
  • Leave your contact information to set up a meeting.
  • You can also contact your matches on social media and introduce yourself, or let them know you’ve left them a message.
  • If you want to make your message private, write it on the back (sticky) side of the Post-It note. If you’re okay with others seeing it, write it on the front.

Here are some examples of messages that clearly state who you are, how you can be reached, and what you’d like to discuss.

8. Meet up with your Five Fresh Faces! In addition to the wall and social media, you can ask around and find someone who knows one of your matches. Once you’re face to face, here are some ways to get to know one another:

  • Find a Conversation Code on a wall or cube, scan it, and answer the question you get before the timer runs out.
  • Take a photo with them and post it online, tagging it with @startupfest or #startupfest.
  • Try to figure out why the algorithm matched you: What do you have in common? Is it the same vertical, business model, or funding stage? Can either of you help the other accomplish their goals at the event?
  • Go on a walk together around the venue or in the Old Port.